Cubicle Four

An award-winning play by Rachel Jarmy

**** “well written and thoughtfully performed” The Public Reviews

**** “a strong cast and a convincing performance” Festival Journal

**** “packs a powerful emotional punch” Three Weeks

****  recommended in Cream of the Fringe

Edinburgh 2012 Production Photos by Rhonda Perfitt

A look at the diverse lives and situations of three separate inhabitants of one cubicle in a busy accident and emergency department, in one 24-hour period. A touching, sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking insight into the real human stories behind the sensitive, unique, and often deeply personal life-changing moments and revelations that are so often witnessed only by the four walls of the room.

Overall winner of the 2012 Cambridge Drama Festival plus Best New Play, Best Actor (Stuart Wilde) and Backstage Award.

Corpus Cast for Cubicle Four

18-22 September 19:45, Corpus Playroom

Jonny: Robin Maurice Owen (not Sat)
Nick Lee (Sat)
Grandma: Lorraine Baker (Tue, Fri)
Madeline Harmer (Wed, Thu, Sat)
Alan: Alan Hay (Tue, Fri, Sat)
Declan Lynch (Wed, Thu)
Dave: Declan Lynch (Tue, Fri)
Ian Bruno (Wed, Thu, Sat)
Phillipa: Cat Nicol (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Suzanne Emerson (Wed, Fri)
Martin: Duncan Craig (Tue, Wed)
Paul Gaskell (Thu, Sat)
Mike Husband (Fri)

Edinburgh 2012 Cast and Production Team

Jonny: Robin Maurice Owen / Nick Lee
Grandma: Lorraine Baker / Madeline Harmer
Alan: Declan Lynch / Alan Hay
Dave: Ian Bruno / Declan Lynch
Phillipa: Cat Nicol / Suzanne Emerson
Martin: Mike Husband / Duncan Craig / Paul Gaskell
Director: Sarah Ingram
Associate Director: Sarah Phelps
Sound Designer: Jerry Leeper
Lighting Designer: Rachel Chapman
Technicians: Isabel Craig / Matt Maude / Andrew Booker

Original Cambridge Drama Festival Company

Jonny: Stuart Wilde
Grandma: Madeline Harmer
Alan: Alan Hay
Dave: Ian Bruno
Philippa: Cat Nicol
Martin: Chris Hindley
Director: Sarah Ingram
Stage Manager: Graham Matheson
Sound Designer: Jerry Leeper
Lighting Designer: Rachel Chapman
Publicity Photos: Timothy Winn